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instilledsome early core values for his later life.

In thelatest episode of Surf Studio Trevor talks about learning to swim in theNorthern Territory, starting Nippers on the Gold Coast and his first Aussiesmemories.

“I learnt toswim actually in the Daly River in the Northern Territory,” Hendy said.

“There wasthis big resident croc living in the area, and I often joke to people and say Ilearnt to swim in the Daly River and that may be were the pace came frombecause I was the youngest one and I might’ve been at the back of the pack butI was always trying to swim to the front of the pack.”

As for hisfirst day of Nippers, a young Trevor Hendy was ready to say no when his friendcame and asked him to join.

“I had thewords formed in my mouth ready to say ‘no thanks I’ll be right’,” the nowlegendary Ironman said.

“But my Dadstepped up next to me and said ‘He’d love to come’.

It’s hard toimagine Trevor Hendy being nervous to compete against anyone in the water, buta young Trevor was intimidated by the other young boys in a swimmingcompetition on his first day of Nippers.

“The guyswere shaking their arms and had swim caps… and I remember freaking out andthinking I just want to be with my family… I cried my eyes out,” said Hendy ofthe confronting swim on his first day.

“But myfather grabbed me and pulled me over and he said to the guys ‘Start the racewithout him.”

Trevor’sfather who recognised that his son didn’t want to compete, instilled somevaluable core lessons that day that Trevor still continues to follow in hislife.

“Wheneverybody did their laps and they all went down the beach… and he said ‘right,now everyone is gone, now do your six laps’,” Trevor said of his father.

“To hiscredit what he did was take away the confront of having to swim against theother kids, but he made me complete the task.

“So it setup a pattern for me that I’ve had my whole life is whenever I’ve actually notpulled something off or failed at something…I’ve always come back to it andtried again while no one was watching.

“I went awayand just worked on it quietly until I was able to do it and then always completedwhat I’d started.”

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