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about how she went from growing up on a sheep and cattle farm to runningNippers for her kids and many others in the area.

“I grew up in a little town called Bessiebelle,can’t say it’s a town it’s a community. There’s no shops or anything there anda population of maybe 50 people,” Dwyer said of growing up on sheep and cattlefarm about half an hour inland from Port Fairy.

“We occasionally would come to the beachon a hot day, but that was maybe once or twice a month, so we weren’t as luckyas a lot of kids today.

“So I haven’t lived and breathed theocean all my life, it’s only the last 25 years I suppose that I’ve becomeinvolved in Surf Life Saving.”

Not only isNicole heavily involved in her local Surf Life Saving Club at Port Fairy as a SurfBoat Rower, Nippers Coordinator and lifesaver but she also gives her time tothe local netball and football club as well as the local community bank.

“Our life isvery hectic,” Nicole said of all her volunteer commitments.

“I volunteerfor all the clubs and I just think that’s what you have to do when you live ina small community.

“But Iwouldn’t have it any other way.”

On AustraliaDay in 2020, Nicole was recognised and rewarded for all her volunteer effortswithin the local community as she was named Moyne Shire’s Citizen of the Year.

“That was a proudmoment for myself, but you don’t do all these voluntary jobs to win these awards,”Nicole humbly said.

“When you doit gives you a chance to sit back and reflect what you have achieved for a fewgroups in the town.”

If winningan award for her voluntary service wasn’t enough, on the day she was acceptingthe award Nicole was volunteering at Port Fairy SLSC running the annualAustralia Day Nippers carnival.

“So that wason Australia Day as well, which was a big day to juggle the award and then runthe carnival,” Dwyer said.

“It wassetting up early at seven o’clock in the patrol gear, and then running backhome to quickly put on a dress and some makeup and hair, run to the awards,comeback get the patrol gear on and then back to the carnival.”

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