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to local lifesaverMitchell Knight from Port Douglas and then finish up inSydney for the launch of the inaugural SLSA Women’s Mentoring Program.

First up Ramzi Hussaini chats about how he fled to Australia as a refugee that couldn’t swim and became a volunteer surf lifesaver, lifeguard and now works as a multicultural officer for Lifesaving Victoria, ensuring others are safe at the beach and in the water.

“I’m a refugee, an asylum seeker and came by boat,” Hussaini said of the unique way he came to Australia.

“HowI cameto Australia motivated me to learn about water safety.

“Youwouldn’t imagine someone from Afghanistan to be alifesaver but that was the mainthing when I was traveling on a boat not knowing how to swim…it was a riskyjourney totake without any watersafety knowledge.”

Next, we head toPort Douglas SLSC to chat to teenage Lifeguard Mitchell Knight about thepatrol seasonin Northern Queensland and his journey through the surf lifesavingmovement.

“From April to November, which is our patrolling season, the weather just seems to put it on for us,” Knight said of the tropical weather in Far North Queensland.

“We get the beautiful blue skies, the ocean swell picks up alittle bit… just really nicebeautiful weather.

“The low temperatures would probably bearound 22̊C,so perfect all year round.”

And finally,wetake a look at the inaugural Surf Life Saving Australia Women’s MentoringProgram that was launched bySLA Life Member Suzanne Storrie on July 1, in conjunctionwith the 40 years of women in surf lifesavingmilestone.

“This will provide the opportunity for 20 women mentees to be matched with 20 women mentors and the mentoring program is really to support those 20 mentees with their lifesaving leadership aspirations but also their broader life aspirations,” Storrie said on the launch night of the Women’s Mentoring Program.

“I have certainly benefitted in my career both in surflifesaving and more broadly for havinggreat mentors and we wanted to create that opportunity for women in lifesaving.

“There’s no better day to do it than on the 40-yearanniversary of women being able to dotheir bronze medallion in surf lifesaving.”

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