The Surf Bronze Camp provides an excellent opportunity to learn new skills in an activity, which not only offers personal and physical development but also an invaluable community service while having fun at the beach.

Two main awards are covered during the camp, the Bronze Medallion for those aged 15 and above, and the Surf Rescue Certificate for 13 to 14 year olds and is also only 8-5 each day. Details of the areas to be covered and examination criteria are listed in the training manual which you will receive.

Key Information

A COVID Safe Plan will be in place.

CAMP DATES: 11th - 17th (Bronzes stay on camp for the 6 days, SRCs attend daily from 8am-5pm) 
COST: Bronze - $350 ($250 for members) SRC - $250 ($170 for members) Membership Info
AGE: Bronze 15+, SRC 13-14
APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 2 weeks before camp, late entries are accepted on a case by case basis.
SIGN UP: Bronze Camp Registration

NB: It is an expectation that all candidates commit to at least one season of beach patrols. Roughly five patrols are rostered per member.

Enrolment Process

  • Please register your interest with our Chief Instructor on (if prior to August)

  • This link takes you to the Bronze Camp info-book which has lots of information and the process to enrol.

  • Already know all the information? This Link takes you directly to the club enrolment form to fill in.

  • New Members & Fees can be paid at any time, our preferred method is via the SLSA Payment Gateway.

  • Complete your timed swim at one of the two locations/times below.

  • Arrive at the Surf Club, ready for Bronze Camp!

Timed Pool Swims

  • Bronze Medallion = 400m in less than 9 minutes.
  • SRC = 200m in less than 5 minutes.

Please arrive with goggles and bathers for swimming. The timer will be at the pool for 45 minutes and will leave after 30 minutes if no further candidates arrive. Remember to bring money for pool entry.

Lakes Aqua Dome

  • Saturday, November TBC

Bairnsdale Aquatic Centre

  • Friday, November TBC

Having trouble attending the camp?

Lakes Entrance SLSC also conduct a Part-Time Bronze which runs only a day or two per week for about four weeks (usually starts six weeks before Bronze Camp) . This camp is aimed at those who are unable to make the week long commitment and/or parents with children in our 'Nipper Program'. Just register your interest with or complete the above form in point 3.

Having trouble committing financially to the camp?

The opportunity to become a Life Saver should not fall only on the ones who can afford it. Here at Surf Life Saving Lakes Entrance we are all about giving our best to the community and this starts with having the best in our club. So, if you think you have what it takes to become the next Shannon Eckstein, Alastair Day or perhaps just want to give back, just give us an email.

Comments from Previous Years Candidates

  • Annie A - I absolutely loved it. It was a great week and I enjoyed every minute of it! I miss it :)
  • Angus S - I didn't know anything about it when I arrived but I left with a big smile. It was really good to learn more about the ocean and my fitness improved. It was a awesome week.
  • Alessia C - Bronze camp was so much fun! I made new friends, learnt new skills, l became a bit more independent and learnt how to co-operate better with others to work as a team!
  • Billy A - Bronze camp was one of the hardest weeks of my life. It pushes you to the full capability of yourself. But in return you end up with so much knowledge, strength and how to work as a team.

Comments from our Trainers

  • Annika C - I honestly find it hard to put to words what a truly amazing experience bronze camp is. It's a week of surf, friends and fun, with a little bit of learning time in between. An experience that I will never forget.
  • Davide C - We had an awesome week at bronze camp. It was great to see how much they learned and improved throughout the week!
  • Jane I - Bronze Camp is growing not only in number of candidates but the standard of teaching and the outcomes for everyone involved. The camp gives the candidates, training officers, mentors and leaders the chance to work on Life Saving Skills but also team work, leadership, communication and life skills. It is a testimony to all those involved, taking time out of their lives to give back to the club, the community and the youth.

Comments from Jess, one of our Camp Coordinators

What a week! The TOC's became true leaders and educators and the candidates became our new generation of lifesavers that have raised the standard and I honestly have never been so proud. Thank you to all involved.



A massive thank you to the following business who help throughout Bronze Camp

  • Slipway Cafe, CO-OP and Sports Club.
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