Welcome to the season!

All fees are due and payable by the 30th September; no member will be allowed to participate this season without payment.

Membership forms will be generated over the next couple of days, please watch the email from surf guard, open & print off. This report/membership form will be available for 30days only, so print off when received.

If your details are correct there is no need to send forms back, if any changes need to be made please do so & send back. Or, use online renewal.

Remember to check your license numbers for vehicle & marine, if not recorded on form or has expired please advise by return email or print off membership
form & fill in

Membership Fees can be found here --> New Members & Fees

We encourage all nipper parents in becoming an associate member or form part of a family membership, no nipper can participate in the program without a
financial parent/guardian.

All members over the age of 18 are required to complete the "Working with Children" application. If you have an employment WWV, please lodge us as a volunteer against your number. No members over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in our program or be involved with our children if they have not completed an application for WWC.  Once this has been lodged please forward a copy of your registration to the surf club at the above address.

Online membership renewal & payment -  https://members.sls.com.au
This is available to all members who have their own email address recorded in surfguard. Please remember that some new members may need to create a new account in order to use this service.

Online Family Accounts, manage your family with one account! - See resources below

We are encouraging all members to pay online or alternately post payment (cheque or money order) or bank receipt, more info.

Please check your membership form, for all correct details

If there are any queries relating to your memberships, or if you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact Kris, all enquires will be treated confidentially.

We encourage all correspondence from the Club by email; please ensure that your email address is current. This will keep our postage costs to a minimum.

Good luck for this coming season.

See you on the beach,
Kris as Secretary



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