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Upcoming Federal Election 2022 Reminder
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Life Saving Club (SLSC) that they are not to endorse any political candidate, party or political issue. Further, SLSCs and members have been asked to familiarise themselves with the SLSA Membership Form, Intellectual Property Policy, Social Media Policy, and Non-Political and Non-Sectarian Policy, and been advised that anyone attempting to leverage an association with SLSA, for the purposes of running a political campaign, without permission, may result in disciplinary action against the club and member.

SLSA has not endorsed any political candidates or approved the use of our roundel, patrol uniform, red and yellow cap or flags in any campaign materials.

SLSA follows the regulations of the Australian Charity and Not-for-Profit Commission, that states that charities must not ‘promote or oppose a political party or a candidate for political office.’

SLSA continues to monitor any unapproved use of SLS imagery and IP in this election period and has contacted all parties when we have been made aware they have used SLSA Intellectual Property trademarks that are registered without our approval. The main ones being: the roundel, the patrol uniform, the red and yellow skull quartered cap, and the red and yellow flags. Where we are aware of the unapproved use, we have asked them to remove and destroy all content associated with this imagery and requested that no further content is produced, by which an association with SLSA is leveraged as part of a political campaign.

SLSA would like to thank our members who are complying with our policies and who have been in touch with us to seek advice or who have reported breaches.

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